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The best way to generate buzz for a new product or service online, and get new customers is to create content that will go viral. A viral message online will spread, well like a virus, and garner much free advertising for you. Sometimes it may even get you some media attention. Think about those funny videos on Youtube. Another one of the most effective ways to market to people online is via permission marketing. That simply means that people want to hear about your products or services and opt-in to get your notifications.

There are several ways for how people can get on your mailing list. One is by exchanging their contact information, for a gift, ie,  a site analysis report, free optimization of their site , etc. Each of these  requires them to freely give you their information (name and email or phone number). One such way is via a Facebook app wherein they  click a button and their data is retrieved and passed on to you, another is by them manually entering their name and email (or phone).

The staff at Viral Associates are experienced, trained professionals that can help any business, create and execute a plan and  strategy that will propel their business to the top of the social media listing  pages. 

Viral Associates is an expert provider of full service online solutions. We create the online presence for your business so that the you and your staff can concentrate on doing what you do best, run a successful business.

The Viral Associates product offering is based on personalized service and content management. Our promotional focus utilizes a collection of internet marketing tools and brand development strategies.

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