Statistics show that 65% of consumers open the push notifications they receive.  Geo-fencing provides consumers with location-based push notifications that are relevant. The pop-ups and push notifications that appear as a result of Geo-Fencing are linked to a customer’s interests so, the customer can find exactly what he or she needs from your company that much faster.

Marketers are going to have to rethink how to reach millennial’s especially millennial’s who are mothers. The game has changed and previous norms are no more: some of these households don’t have landlines or cable TV. And if you are thinking about using newspapers or radio campaigns to capture this audience, you might want to rethink your position.

As students thoughts turn to the new academic year, Higher Education Marketers naturally look for ways they can target college students and entice them to consider their campus for their courses. With smartphone usage becoming almost synonymous with students at nearly all levels of education, Geo-Fencing to target specific demographics such as student populations